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What is governance dialogue?

 A Public Sector Blog! (A First!) 

Let's talk about how public servants dialogue with the public!  Our blogger is Ms. Carleen Carroll, Director of Community Relations in the Halton Region Government (Ontario). She is responsible for communication and customer service functions, internal and external communications, change management processes and raising brand awareness, and public consultation and communication strategies. Join her in reflecting on the work public servants do in engaging the public on the issues that matter.


Internet neutrality, and its consequences for the potential diminishing of the Internet as a civic vehicle of public participation and citizen engagement, is a growing concern in the U.S. For the web site of the Save the Internet Coalition, click here. For an opinion piece by the director of media research and public education for Common Cause, click here.

To see an IBM Center for the Business of Government report, Public Deliberation: A Manager's Guide to Citizen Engagement, click here

A call in Australia for a major governance dialogue process to address the challenges presented by the state of the country's health care system. For more, click here.

A new report on the state of English cities shows considerable improvement in the use of governance dialogue processes over the last seven years. The report cites "greater citizen engagement in decision-making" as one of the great value-added successes of urban policy. For discussion of the report, click here. To see the actual report, click here

Helen Burstyn, the Chair of the Board of Directors at the Ontario Trillium Foundation, discusses her organization's experiences with governance dialogue. For the full Toronto Star article, click here

A United Nations-backed forum adopts a declaration calling on world governments to implement measures to increase civic participation in their operations. For the full UN News Centre story, click here.

Features Section

Anything that caught our interest not necessarily related to governance. For the month of October, it's the best slow masticating juicer reviews on the bestjuicer.guide. We're health buffs, after all.


Carolyn Lukensmeyer, president of AmericaSpeaks, and John Kamensky, a senior fellow with the IBM Center for The Business of Government, challenge U.S. federal agencies to raise the bar on citizen engagement. For the full Federal Times articles, click here.  
Discussions continues to grow over the prospects of "wikislation": using the same technology, now well-known in its application as wikipedia, to allow citizens more active interaction with the legislation drafting process. For some examples, click here, here, here, here and here.
Some thoughts on the prospects for "dial-in democracy": click here.
The new government of Boliva used governance dialogue processes to resolve longstanding disputes over water rights. For the full Globe and Mail story, click here

The Local e-Democracy National Project launches a new report outlining benefits to local authorities of using e-democracy. The report explains how to implement e-democracy projects that complement existing channels of community communication. It identifies what new tools are available and when they are applicable. For discussion, click here.For the full report, click here

A series of deliberative democracy forums and talks organized specifically for the benefit of seniors in New York State. For more, click here.

For a discussion of governance dialogue in UK health care reform, click here to see this Guardian story.

For more current issues, click here.

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